Positive  Empowering  Realistic

I have been a midwife for over 20 years and have dedicated my career to empowering women through their childbirth journey and launching them into motherhood. Over these years I have learned that, when preparing to have a baby, there are certain factors that can have a profound impact on a woman's birth experience.


Most important of these is the way women and couples approach labour – in short ‘where your head is at’.  Women who feel informed and in control about the decisions they make will feel positive about their experiences, however, approaching childbirth from a place of fear can ultimately influence a woman’s perception of the birth she has had.


Women can have a positive birth experience regardless of how they actually give birth – even if it isn’t the ‘perfect’ natural delivery they planned for.


The importance of giving time and head-space to prepare for birth – we need to practice how to relax! Each pregnancy is different and it doesn’t matter how many babies you’ve had - antenatal preparation is valuable and necessary.


I never forget how lucky we are to have fantastic NHS maternity services and that everyone involved in a couple's care wants the best possible outcome for them. Until now I have been wary of traditional hypnobirthing techniques that avoid discussion of what can go wrong, because I know that that isn’t realistic. Life throws us curve-balls sometimes - as we are all experiencing at the moment for sure!! Sometimes things don’t go the way you hoped. I am delighted and excited to teach The Wise Hippo birth preparation programmes to help couples remain emotionally in control, not matter what happens.


I created Best Birth to put couples front and centre in antenatal education as they prepare for the birth of their baby. By combining my years of midwifery experience and the The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, I am able to give contemporary, relevant and empowering birth preparation classes that focus on having The Right Birth on the Day. 


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