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I am committed to offering courses that help and support women and that don't create pressure to 'perform' a perfect delivery on the day. These classes allow couples to create a positive mindset about birth, while building their confidence to make sure that everything that happens on the day - and before - follows from what they have chosen as the right course of action.   I offer The Wise Hippo Birthing Programmes because the tools that you will learn are tools for any outcome - perfect or not. In short, they are tools for life and they are based on a philosophy that mirrors my own.

You can find out more about The Wise Hippo and their programmes here.

“Empowered parents create empowered children who, as they grow, can change the world”.

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

Our tried and tested 10 hour programme delivered over 3 to 4 sessions. Ideal for couples who are 24+ weeks pregnant and delivered to small groups of couples.

This programme includes a handbook and access to audio and video materials to support your journey throughout your pregnancy. Includes all course materials, workbook, affirmations and 7 MP3’s, membership to Wise Hippo Facebook support group 'The Hip Club' and Best Birth Facebook Group.

Session 1: Confident

The picture of childbirth today, Defining hypnosis, Acknowledging pain,
The physiology of birth and the impact of fear, Understanding your mind body connection, The impact of others, Taking charge of your thoughts

Session 2: Calm

Relaxation (what is it and positions for relaxation), Distractions, Remember to breathe, Self-hypnosis, Eyes open hypnosis, Time distortion, Anchoring,

Birth partner’s script

Session 3: Consider

Prenatal bonding, Your baby’s ideal position for birth, Birth planning/preferences
Medical interventions discussed, Fear release

Session 4: Celebrate

The power of positive touch, Positions for birth, Ligament and the pelvis, Birthing your baby, Birth partner’s role, Using techniques for labour and birth, When baby arrives

Small group sessions £225 per couple

Private course taught either at Anna's House or in your own home £325 per couple

Relax Breathe and Birth

From 16 weeks of pregnancy onward this is a great starting place for those who would like to get a feel for the full birthing programme, who just need a refresher class or want to meet other expectant couples in a friendly, informal larger class setting.

Relax, Breathe and Birth is a great antenatal class that combines The Wise Hippo essentials and Anna's midwifery expertise packed into a single 3 hour session.


Learn the essential tools and techniques and how you will be able to use them during birth and beyond. Birth planning, partners role, communication tools and tips to encourage baby in the best positions for pregnancy and birth.

£45 per couple

Prenatal Bonding

Bond with Baby Early Pregnancy Class

A chance for mothers (and those close to them) to understand their emotions, take care of their emotional well-being and interact with their babies in order to support their unborn baby’s emotional intelligence and to enhance their current and future relationships.

This 3 hour workshop provides the space for you to think about your feelings regarding pregnancy, birth, and becoming a parent whether that is for the first time or as a growing family. You will then have the necessary tools and information to share with your partner, ensuring you both enjoy your pregnancy. Give you and your baby the gift of this time to focus just on you. The workshop includes:

The B.E.S.T. Start Solution

B = Bonding. Why is it so important for you, your baby and partner?

E = Emotions. Understanding our emotions and how to take control!

S = Self-care. You are important too! Learn great techniques

T = Time. Creating space to enjoy your pregnancy.

The ideal class for between 16 and 26 weeks of pregnancy,but attending can be beneficial at any time during pregnancy.

£75 per couple includes the 3 hour workshop, a digital handbook of the session and 2 Mp3's and membership of the Best Birth Facebook Group.

Individual Consultations for The Right Birth on the Day


1:1 Tailored for you

Everybody has their own journey to pregnancy and this private consultation (either in your own home or at Anna's house in Peterculter) focuses on you. Whether its discussing birth preferences and planning, practising relaxation tools and techniques or simply for a practical refresher. With a private session we can focus on the area's that you and your partner want to discuss. After all, not only is every individual different so is every pregnancy! I'd be happy to discuss before you make an appointment and include the consultation if you then take the full programme.

£95 per couple private consultation


Right Birth on the Day

Workshops are designed to complement the Wise Hippo Birthing programme. It’s never too early – or late – to discuss your birthing options. These 2 hour sessions can take place in your own home or Anna's house in Peterculter and includes scrips.

  • VBAC

  • Twins/multiple births

  • Lotus birth

  • Breech

  • Induction - avoiding induction and preparing for induction

Small class £55 per couple

Private £95 per couple

Confident C-Section Programme

The preparing for a Caesarean section workshop is for clients who have made the decision that a Caesarean section is ‘the right birth on the day’ for their baby.It is important you've felt completely involved in the decision-making as women who fully understand the need for a Caesarean section are more likely to feel positive about their birth and less likely to feel depressed or upset than women who feel unsure and under pressure.

This programme runs over 3 x 2-2.5 hour sessions and includes a workbook, access to client area on TWH webpage and MP3's


£225 per couple  


​All of my sessions are non-judgemental and professionally delivered. Please contact me if you would like to find out any more about these options.


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